• History of the Hotel

From "Wildpat" to nature hotel

The Schütterbad (or Schiederbad) was first mentioned in a document as early as 1606. At that time, the bathhouse enjoyed great popularity among locals and guests, as the water was said to have impressive healing powers. Our name also comes from the activity of pouring the water into the bath.

It all started with a hind ...

Freibad anno dazumal

According to legend, a shot hind once found relief from its pain in a spring that rose at the foot of the Achberg. The miraculous healing also made the people of the region aware of the spring and its health-promoting properties.

The water was piped through wooden pipes to the nearby Schüttergut, where it was partly heated in boilers and then passed on to tubs.

Word of this spread quickly. Nobles, clergy and officials from Salzburg and Upper Austria enjoyed the beneficial effects of the healing spring, which was said to help especially against aching limbs, paralysis and gout. At that time, the bathing rooms with the wooden vats were located directly next to the stables of the farmstead. Overnight accommodation was also available for the guests, but at that time they still had to take care of the catering themselves.

Lorenz Dax, the former owner and grandfather of Heidi Pfaffenbichler, had an outdoor pool built in 1930 to expand the facilities. More than 300 sacks of cement were needed for the bottom of the pool alone!

Geschichte Schütterbad

An era comes to an end
The bathing cabins in the house were very popular until the 1950s. At that time, however, the guests mainly used them for personal hygiene, because there were hardly any bathrooms in the Unken houses at that time. In 1957, the operation of the last three baths was finally discontinued.

However, traces of the former spa house can still be found in the current Landhotel. For example, above the south-west-facing old entrance is an inscription referring to the healing power of water:

"God gives healing power to water,
He is the one who provides bread,
I have built my house, my farm and my bath,
To God's protection entrusted"

In addition to what is offered in the house, chair carriers and mountain guides have already been offered for the tours set out in a mountain guide tariff.